Top Loading Autoclaves

Top Loading Automatic Autoclaves


GDP Top Loading Autoclaves are Bench type vertical autoclaves that are compact, suitable for all clinics. The autoclave sterilizer is easy to operate without hassles. The autoclave machine is fully automatic, indigenously designed having an electronically controlled panel with a programmable integrated circuit chip. Its energy saving heater is automatically switched off and on to maintain the temperature inside the vessel. Temperature sensing for the steam autoclave is done directly through the R.T.D.Body is made of aluminium sheet with no joints. The handles and release valve knob and housing of the dental autoclave are made of special grade nylon material for better grip and heat resistance.


Ishiklave Semi Automatic Autoclaves

Product description:

Keeping in mind the varied requirements of our patrons, we are engrossed in providing an extensive assortment of Ishiklave 11 L Autoclave.


  • Bench type vertical autoclave which are compact, suitable for all clinics, Nursing homes.
  • Comes With a Stainless Steel Drum (8×8).
  • Easy to operate without hassles.
  • Semi automatic, Indigenously designed having high quality powder coating.
  • Autoclave Timer to Set Cycle time and Auto Cutoff at the end of the Cycle.