Top Loading Uniklave Mini 2.0 Vertical Autoclave

Approx Price: Rs 12,500 / Piece

Unilklave Mini 2.0

Introducing Uniklave Mini 2.0 Vertical Autoclave
with integrated pressure sensor and error code system, completely automatic cycle.

Completely manufactured in India.

Passes 3M Sterilization tape.


  • Uniclave Mini 2.0 is a fully automatic Top Loading Autoclave with a 16X2 LCD Display.
  • Pressure Sensor with real time pressure display.
  • No Water protection.
  • Set of 3 Error codes for safety and diagnosis.
  • It has a one touch go operation and a self contained system with no installation reuirements.
  • The LCD displays the sequence of operation and and temperature inside the chamber at all times.
  • Mini 2.0 comes with an advanced dynamic heating system which actively manages the temperature inside the chamber by cointrolling the power output to heater.
  • This technology results in the accuracy of (~1 degree) with the target temperature resulting in perfect parameter control and providing perfect sterilization.
  • The dynamic control results in power savings upto (30%-50%) than conventional Autoclaves.
  • The life of zinc-coated air heater is greatly increased as the heater is not run at full power all the time.
  • The power savings alone recovers the cost of the autoclave within one year!!.
  • Sterilization Starts At : 121 C/ 15 psi.
  • Sterilization Cycle is for 16 mins.
  • Total Cycle TIME : 28 Min.
  • Consecutive Cycle : 20 Min.
  • A buzzer sound appears at the end of cycle.

Sequence of Operations:

  1. Fill the Autoclave with Distilled/RO water till the height of the sensor.
  2. Place the Drum provided with the Autoclave inside the chamber.
  3. Press The Start Button.
  4. Now the Heating Cycle is Initiated.
  5. Every Cycle Info and temperature is displayed on the LCD.
  6. At the end of the cycle –
  7. Press CANCEL and release steam from the valve at the top to take out your instruments.
Overall Size
39.5 x 35.5 x 29.5 cm
Power Consumption
1 K.watt, 220v/50hz
10 Litres
Inside dimension
Dia 22 cm, Depth 26.7 cm
Cycle Time 16 minute at 121 C, & 15 P.SI.
Sterilization Drum 8″ x 8″