There are inconsistencies among individual dental practitioners in matching natural shades. Getting the right shade the first time is never a trivial task for even the finest practitioner. Operative conditions like light shadows, color of walls, color of equipments, patient cloths, bright cosmetics etc combine to play a role in the success of the shade-taking process. By providing a “neutral” light environment around the restorative area, the True Light provides the means to avoid remakes due to improper shade choice. It can help in savings can be lots of money, not to mention the embarrassment to the doctor, as well as inconvenience to the patient. The True Light LED Shade Matching Light is a device intended for use by the dental Doctors and laboratory professionals as an aid to match the color of dental restorative materials to that of the patient’s tooth enamel.


The True Light accepts 2 standard AA batteries. If the unit will not used for prolonged periods of time, (2 months) it is recommended that the batteries be removed.


  • Provides 5500° K light for shade matching.
  • 6 LED‘s simulate standard day light (north sky daylight)
  • No warm up time needed. Light initiate immediately.
  • Takes 2 AA batteries.
  • Small viewing area eliminates outside color sources from interfering with shade selection.
  • Long lasting LED light source.
  • Portability Lightweight, No cumbersome cords.
  • Battery powered Takes standard AA battery.
  • LED light source provides full power instantly.
  • Standard day light is the sunlight in middle part of the day with northern exposure.


MRP : – Rs. 3200/-