Setting The Ultimate Benchmark

Front Loading Autoclave  :- SUPREME

Tailored for Dental, Ophthalmology, IVF, Hospitals

  1. B type fully automatic front loading autoclave with a capacity of 18/23/24 Ltrs
  2. Comes with multiple selectable programmes at 134 & 121 for every requirement.
  3. 4” large Digital Display which shows detailed Cycle parameters ( Temp/ Pressure/ Cycle Time)
  4. Total of 6 vacuum cycles, 3 Pre- Sterilization, 1-Post Sterilization & 2- In dry cycle.
  5. Wrapped/Unwrapped, porous/Non-porous, Hollow, Solid instruments including cotton swabs can be sterilized.
  6. With vacuum, Dry cycle & ARM micro processor control.
  7. With special thermal wool & Cloth Insulation.
  8. Imported Motorola pressure sensor for precise control.
  9. Inbuilt thermal printer prints detailed cycle data (Cycle time/Cycle count/ Cycle selected/ Total time/ Sequence of operation)
  10. Inbuilt two headed high vacuum pump for Post & Pre-Vacuum Cycles.
  11. Total of 13 error codes for diagnostic automatic alarm in case of any malfunctioning.
  12. Silicon gasket to prevent air leakage.
  13. Includes B+ cycle tailored for Implantologists.

Large SS tray size which accommodates any size of Implant Kit.

Passes all International Sterilization tests and EU protocols for Class B including Helix test, Biological Indicators, Class 6 Indicators, Class 5 Indicators, Bowie-Dick test.

Characterstics :-

  1. No of trays – 3
  2. Optional base tray to accommodate dressing drum upto 8*8
  3. Chamber size: Dia 260mm X 450mm
  4. Top Cover is made of Stainless Steel.

Programme Chart






   121    (Solid)QuickB+Leak Test 
Sterilizing Temperature134 C121 C121 C134 C134 C

134 C

Sterilizing Pressure30 Psi18 Psi18 Psi30 Psi30 Psi30 Psi 
Sterilizing Time (Min)      82016515



Drying Time ( Min )

  12   12   12    12   12   – 
Total Time (Min)4560553560