Enclave :- Class B

Enclave B class is a fully automatic front-loading autoclave with Vacuum, Sterlization & Dry Cycle

Our Enclave B Class autoclave provided range can be availed in various capacities including 12 ,16 ,18, 22, 23 Ltrs as per the application and requirements of the clients.

Characteristics of Enclave B-Class:

  • Enclave is fully automatic front loading autoclave with Vacuum , Sterilization & Dry Cycle.
  • New Dynamic Heating technology takes perfect control of parameters.
  • Increased Heater Life.
  • Vacuum pump fitted inside the autoclave to allow Pre & Post sterilization vacuum cycle inside the chamber as per the International standards.
  • Total of 6 Vacuum Cycles during sterilization.
  • With Digital Display of all the operations in sequence (Time & Temperature).
  • The Front control panel has a touch type key switches and also have LEDs to indicate the operation going inside the autoclave.
  • Front Door and panel is made of heat resistance plastic and the top cover is made of rust Resistant stainless Steel.
  • In House Spare Parts .
  • Passes all international Tests.
  • Sealing Ring made of Silicon Rubber.
  • One Touch Operation for ease of use.
  • All the operations goes automatically with single touching of start button without opening the door.
  • 3 Pre-Sterilization Vacuum Cycle.
  • Total Cycle takes 1 Hour.

All the operations goes automatically with single touch of start button