Features of Enclave Elite Series:

  • Easy to use fully automatic Class B autoclave with a single universal sterilization cycle at 121c /18 PSI
  • Comes with a Bigger Screen ( 4 Line Display)
  • ARM Based advanced micro controller system
  • Now comes with a digital temperature and pressure sensor.
  • Self Vacuum Test during every cycle.
  • Set of 13-Error Codes to diagnose any error during cycle .
  • 2-Input Dynamic Heater Control.
  • Inbuilt Printer prints information after end of each cycle.

The Printer Receipt contains :-

  • Date/Month/Year
  • Time at start of Cycle start.
  • Information about each cycle – Time taken & Temperature.
  • Sequence of operation.
  • Total time taken.
  • ***** Custom Name of Clinic on Receipt also Available *****
  • The complete receipt can be placed as a record of sterilization, and a method of publicizing sterilization practices.
  • Inbuilt Thermal Printer prints detailed cycle data for record keeping ( NABH+)
  • Vacuum pump fitted inside the autoclave to allow Pre & Post sterilization vacuum cycle inside the chamber as per the International standards.
  • Total of 6 Vacuum Cycles
  • 3 Pre-Sterilization Vacuum Cycle.
  • With Digital Display of all the operations in sequence and timer & Temperature.
  • The Front control panel has a touch type key switches and also have LEDs to indicate the operation going inside the autoclave.
  • Front Door and panel is made of heat resistance NYLON and the top cover is made of stainless Steel.
  • High Quality TPFT pipes with heat resistance of over 800 Degrees.
  • Sealing Ring made of Silicon Rubber with high pressure safety seal.
  • Single Touch operation, specially designed for ease of use.
  • Inhouse spare parts .

Available in Multiple Capacities  16 , 18 , 23 ltrs

Wrapped/Unwrapped , Porous/ Non - Porous ,hollow ,solid instruments including cotton swabs can be sterilized in one cycle